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Providing Their Forever Home

To provide safety, care and a loving environment for two herds of farmed cattle who were destined for slaughter. By sharing these cows and their stories, we strive to teach and inspire compassion toward all animals

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East Tennessee Beef Cattle Ranch Becomes a Forever Farm Home

In these Fields

In these fields, I've watched as grown cows cheer from the sidelines as their babies play a rambunctious game of Buzzard Chase. I don't know who invented it, but everyone seems to know the rules and when it's time to retire from the field and join the adults in the cheering section.

In these fields, I watched wide-eyed calves stand by in disbelief as several moms and dads leapt through the air and threw themselves into a just-delivered mountain of sand. They rolled in it with complete abandon, then raced, "laughing" across the field, coated in sand, kicking up their heels. Naturally, the kids had to see what all the fuss was about, but surprisingly, never seemed to enjoy the same unbridled, boisterous fun as their parents. After a few days of heavy-duty cow play, the sand pile wouldn't fill a bucket, but it was worth losing it and $300 to witness their pure joy.

In these fields, I've watched the entire herd running up and down the fenceline behind a worried mother and daughter as they bellowed for an adventurous 6-month old who found itself on the wrong side of the fence. The young calf appeared to be unaware of the excitement, as he explored and destroyed my lawn and landscaping.  When reunited, the family of three gathered, heads together, in a relieved cow hug. Kind of reminded me of... oh, yeah... us.

And in these fields, I've witnessed friends and family standing in line, yes, standing in line, to say goodbye to a mother, best friend, child and even the love of one's life.


To watch a tear fall from a young steer's eye as he lay dying or the entire herd gather, then walk to the burial place the following day will do more than break your heart.

It should change it forever.

It's funny how we humans fail- or refuse- to consider the possibility that farmed animals share the same emotions we do, with the ability to love, express joy, concern and grief. Sadly the emotion they know best because of us is fear - fear for their lives, their children, being held against their will. They know so well the same emotion we spend our own lives trying desperately to avoid, yet inflict so easily upon these sentient beings.

Talk to the Animals...

....and they'll talk to you. 

Cows are AMAZING communicators. 

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Where Families Stay Together

Meet the Madisons! 

We lost our beloved Madison at 20 years old in 2014, but her larger than life spirit lives on, as Cows Come Home Farm Sanctuary is HER legacy. Longtime matriarch of her herd, she had an undying love for her children, friends and their children. She paved the way for other cow mamas, as she was the first to see her last two babies grow into the gentle giants known as the Madison Boys, who contentedly wander the same pastures to this day. Madison lives on in her boys, as every new baby is immediately drawn to them and become inseparable. It's uncanny, really. Madison magical.

 Cows have strong family bonds and form lifelong best friends - just as we do. They also express many of the same strong emotions we do - love, sadness, joy, concern, grief.

Get to know and love our many multigenerational families by following them on Facebook at Cows Come Home Sanctuary. Better yet, if you live in East Tennessee or are planning a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains or Knoxville area, feel free to send a Facebook message or call 865-805-2237.